FLAG is a site-specific, interactive installation designed to invite play and reflection in a contested urban space.

The Concept

On its surface, the work transforms a vacant storefront on into a surprising, responsive encounter with color and light. Its motion-activated spectrum is comprised of gridded illuminated columns that trace movements along the heavily-traveled Martin Street sidewalk.

But context of the piece encourages a deeper read. The colors that line the space evoke the rainbow pride flag. And the project blazons this image just a few blocks south of the North Carolina State Legislative Building, where the General Assembly has been engaged (from Amendment One to HB2) in targeting and demeaning the communities represented here.

FLAG invites a participatory response to the state’s politics. When every trigger is activated, the whole image glows. The installation is meant as a provocation, asking every person
on the street to consider his or her relationship to the flag as a symbol, and to current and ongoing struggles for civil rights and a just society.


A short documentary about artist Lincoln Hancock and the creation of his art installation 'flag.' 'flag' is located at 17 E. Martin St. Downtown Raleigh and was sponsored by Flight. 360 Video Mini-Doc shot and edited by Arthur Earnest.

More about the artist

Learn more about Lincoln Hancock and his work: www.lincolnhancock.com

Thanks to additional sponsors:

FLAG was fueled by the FLIGHT fund and supported by fellow public art supporters Deco Raleigh, Visual Art Exchange, Artspace, Downtown Raleigh Alliance, and Offline Media. The space for this installation is graciously provided by LM Restaurants.