Thank you to our friends and neighbors for shopping at the FLIGHT Pop-Up Shop in November and December!

We loved having a retail space in a different downtown neighborhood. All of the goods have been divided up and taken to Deco Raleigh or Edge of Urge. You can still shop for the new brands we brought to FLIGHT and your old favorites too.

We're working on our final numbers and our donation to fuel the FLIGHT Fund. Stay tuned for what will happen with the space next!


The Concept

FLIGHT, the fund, will be fueled by FLIGHT, the pop-up shop!

The space was empty. The idea happened. And now we’re doing it, for two months only.

This is 100% in the spirit of our mission: we’re collaborating and activating an urban space into something colorful, creative and charitable!

Deco Raleigh is partnering with Edge of Urge to offer a unique, curated collection of GREAT STUFF, most of which you won’t be able to find anywhere else in Raleigh (including at our own stores!).



10% of all sales will be donated to FLIGHT, the fund.



Special thanks to the Downtown Raleigh Alliance for their help getting this project rolling.